April 11, 2008


Recently, I had so much to do I couldn't think of drawing or painting. This makes me always very unhappy...Yesterday, I found a photo of my stepfather's garden I had taken a year ago and tried to capture that "spring" feeling, taking the photo as a starting point.

Ich hatte zuletzt so viel zu tun, daß ich an Malen oder Zeichnen nicht denken konnte. Das macht mich immer sehr unglücklich...Gestern fand ich ein Foto, das den Garten meines Stiefvaters zeigt. Ich hatte es vor einem Jahr aufgenommen und versuchte, dieses gefühl des "Frühlings" einzufangen, indem ich das Photo als Ausgangspunkt benutzte.


Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful - almost ethereal in feeling. Love the colors, love the little building in the midst of the landscape, love the spatters - LOVE all of it!

Unknown said...

Claudia, what a gorgeous painting!! I love every bit of it.

Sandy said...

Lovely work this entry seems to Sing!

sukipoet said...

Beautiful. A happy painting. Love the trees which I assume you did by not doing.

Anonymous said...

How charming Claudia.

I wish I had you here in Norway in three weeks. We are going to our cabin for 4-5- days then, and I would love to have you with us to paint it all :-)

Joan Sandford-Cook said...

Always loved blues and greens together - but this combination is full of charm and feeling. Never believe you used a photo for your reference but then you had your loving memories to impart.