January 8, 2008

Webcam sketch

From time to time, I visit some webcams all over the world; in wintertime more webcams in the northern hemisphere; in summertime vive versa. The webcam "www.lofotodden.com" showed a beautiful vista of a mountain in the cold sea. Behind the mountain, the sky was rose-coloured and it looked so fresh and cold I just had to sketch it...A fresh daybreak...it's a perfect fit for the new year!

Von Zeit zu Zeit schaue ich mir Web-Kameras aus aller Welt an, im Winter mehr solche aus der nördlichen Hemisphäre, im Sommer umgekehrt. Die Webkamera auf der Seite "www.lofotodden.com" zeigte einen wundervollen Blick auf einen Berg in der kalten See. Hinter dem Berg war der Himmel rosafarben. Es sah so frisch und kalt aus; ich mußte das einfach skizzieren... Eine solche frische Morgendämmerung paßt sehr gut zum Neuen Jahr!


Sandy said...

Great sketch but how do you get such rich watercolor effect on plain paper??
Your whole blog is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Just beautiful! And what a great idea to sketch from webcams, especially when the weather is rotten.

Claudia said...

Thank you, both!
@Sandy: Normally I use a very little amount of water; this time, I used a lot; I had to press the paper from time to time, because it buckled too much. But it i s possible to use watercolour on almost every paper, only it is much e a s i e r to paint on a good paper!

Mia said...

This is just soooo beautiful, Claudia! One day, when I am rich and famous (well, when I am rich...hihii) I will want to buy one of your lovely sketches. And that is a promise (I suppose you do sell...?)

I am also pleased to see a new photo of you here in your blog, as this one reminds me more of the Claudia I "know".

Happy New Year, and I do love to read your comments in my blog. Thank you!

Deborah said...

I really enjoy your journal pages in your Moleskine Calendar book. I had to go look at older post to see more. Great blog!