April 3, 2009


Now spring has come! Yesterday, we had the first sunny and warm day after weeks of bad, cold and grey weather.- I painted some tulips my husband gave to me. I painted with my brushes right away, without a pencil drawing. Therefore, the tulips are not very recognizable;-))
My crochet shawl is nearly finished, I will post a picture soon. And I read a very interesting book about painting" Intuitiv Malen" by Thomas Lüchinger, a swiss author. He reveals a whole philosophy about intuitive painting and recommends ways to connect to your inner voice. 

Nun ist endlich Frühling! Gestern hatten wir den ersten sonnigen, warmen Tag nach Wochen schlechten, kalten und grauen Wetters. - Ich malte Tulpen, die ich von meinem Mann geschenkt bekommen hatte. Ohne Vorzeichnung malte ich gleich mit Pinsel und Farbe. Deshalb sind die Tulpen als solche auch nicht so gut erkennbar;-))
Mein Häkelschal ist fast fertig, ich werde bald ein Bild davon machen. Und ich las ein ziemlich interessantes Buch: "Intuitiv Malen" von Thomas Lüchinger, einem Schweizer Autor. Er entwickelt darin eine ganze Philosophie über intuitives Malen und zeigt Wege auf, mit der eigenen, inneren Stimme in Kontakt zu kommen.


Sandy Maudlin said...

I really enjoy your blog. The tulips are lovely and I LOVE that papercutout! Enjoy the weekend being creative!

Mai-Britt Axelsen said...

Absolutely beautiful, you are one very talented lady - and also a reminder that I will not get better using watercolours, if I only take them out twice a year. ;O)

RHCarpenter said...

Lovely and loose without the predrawing tying you into certain shapes. The colors are bright, light and so spring-like!

ellie said...

Beautiful tulips ! Tulips are so cheery after the dull winter.

Mia said...

I love tulips and I love your painting of them, Claudia! Actually I bought some tulips today, but white ones (even though I do love the orange colour of the ones in your painting). By the way, in my recent entry "All the fun we had..." you can see the lovely painting you made of my little house. I believe you have not seen a photo of it after I had it framed. I hope you will take a look and approve...!