October 5, 2008


What I like best is going into the woods in autumn in search for mushrooms. As a child, I used to go with my parents and from an early age, I learned which mushrooms to collect and which to avoid. - Now my husband and I make these excursions and a few days ago, we had good luck and found some boletus. We had a splendid dinner with self-made apple purée in red wine, potato fritters and boletus with scrambled eggs and chives -all fresh from the garden and the woods!
P.S.: Before preparing the meal, I had to paint the mushrooms!
Was ich im Herbst am liebsten mag: in den Wald gehen und Pilze sammeln. Als Kind ging ich schon mit meinen Eltern oft in den Wald und lernte früh, welche Pilze man sammeln und welche man lieber stehenlassen sollte. - Vor ein paar Tagen gingen nun mein Mann und ich in den Wald und wir hatten Glück und fanden ein paar Steinpilze. Wir hatten daraufhin ein wunderbares Abendessen mit selbstgemachtem Apfelkompott in Rotwein, Kartoffelrösti und Pilzen mit Rühreiern und Schnittlauch -alles frisch aus der Natur!
P.S.: Bevor wir das Essen zubereiteten, mußte ich die Pilze malen!


Anonymous said...

My idea of paradise!

RH Carpenter said...

So glad you painted the mushrooms before chopping them up into that delicious meal :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful job on painting these mushrooms Claudia.

sukipoet said...

I especially love the background in this painting. And the way the mushrooms are lying about. YUm to the meal.

Anonymous said...

We also enjoy scrambling the woods for mushrooms and they are delicious!
Lovely painting here, you captured their colourand "wood/forest" feel beautifully.