September 19, 2007

Creative Blogger Award

I received the "Creative Blogger Award" from Casey. Thank you very much!
Now I have to choose 5 other blogger for this award. It is very difficult for me, because I know so many fantastic blogs. But I have to come to a decision...Well, the winners are...

1. Alison - for her beautiful memory paintings and her fantastic "Five K. Radius"-blog

2. Ronell - for her outstanding paintings and blog entries

3. Teri - for her beautiful sketches and caring comments

4. Marta - for her wonderful children sketches ( and all her other sketches)
5. My friend from Norway, Mia, for her gorgeous photos and wonderful blog entries and her whole work ( also her beautiful quilts)!

I would like to ask all my friends mentioned above to visit the award website under

to read the rules for passing on the award. Have fun!


Teri C said...

And you deserve this award with your wonderful and unique paintings. And thank you for mine, it motivates me even more. You are a sweetie!

Anonymous said...

Very well deserved! Congratulations!

Tabitha Dial said...

Congratulations. This is a wonderful idea.

I'm glad creative folks like us (I'm a poet and occasional visual artist) are recognizing each other.

Tabitha Dial said...


I hope you do not mind me posting my questionnaire for grad school here, but I need input from visual artists, please.

Thanks much.

I'm working on a paper at CSU for one of my grad classes. I am analyzing how poets and visual artists use the internet for sharing, learning and meeting like-minded people. I hope you will be able to take a few minutes to answer these questions and you can post them as comments on my blog (, or e-mail me at tgdial at aol dot com preferably no later than the end of the month.

Thank you so much.

How do blogs and social networking sites like MySpace and EveryDayMatters inspire you?

How does this technology educate you?

How do you use these technologies -- for networking, publicity, honing your craft, broadcasting news, etc.?

Do you feel the Internet is a helpful media for artists and poets?

Have you made new contacts with like-minded people through the Internet? How has this changed your identity as a creative person?

Why and how do you post to blogs or social networking sites?

How would you define your blog -- as an archive, a letter to the world or something else?

Do you think poets or visual artists make more use of these media? Why and how?

Who are some bloggers that you think exemplify the potential of blogs?

What elements do you think make for an interesting or successful poetry blog? An interesting or successful visual arts blog?

What is the URL for your blog/site (I would like to link to your blog from mine as a thank you for your help) and how long have you been blogging?

Do you have any tips or insights you would like to share with creative people who want to blog or make their blogs more interesting?


Tabitha Dial


Africantapestry said...

Well deserved to you Claudia and thank you, I appreciate it very much! You're right, how can one stop at 5 names, when there are 50 names to be mentioned? And each one is so unique in his/her creative expression.

mARTa said...

muchas gracias Claudia! This came at a perfect time when I was feeling somewhat down. I too admire so many creative people who share their talents with all of us online. What a small world we live in and how we each make it a bit more beautiful by the colours and words we splash on paper and computer screens! gracias, agradesco mucho el honor!

WWG said...

Hi Claudia:) Good Sketchbook :)
Good blog
Look from quebec Canada

WWG :)