July 10, 2007

Garden view 1

As I stated in early January, I wanted to paint some garden views in July. Here is the first one; others will follow.

Wie ich es im Januar angekündigt hatte, wollte ich im Juli einige Gartenansichten malen; hier ist die erste, es werden noch andere folgen.


shirley said...

This is so lovely - I love the soft colors - and especially admire your fir tree!

Mia said...

hello Claudia! I do love your painting of the summer fields, as I do love all your paintings! You are so talented.

Thank you for your lovely comment in my blog. It would be lovely to see some of your home and garden in your blog as well. Hope you are enjoying a lovely summer.

Linda said...

Wonderful flowing composition here, Claudia!

df said...

hi claudia. thanks for visiting my blog and linking yours to mine! It's always nice to meet a new fellow watercolor artist. I'm jealous that you get to paint such beautiful surroundings and write things like, "I went hiking in the alps".. It will be great to keep visiting your blog now that I know about it.
Great sky in this piece by the way!